Full Automatic Cnc Glass Loading , cutting and Breaking Machine

Short Description:

LEADER automatic glass cutting line consists of three parts: loading table, cutting table and breaking table. it is mainly applied to the cutting and breaking of flat glass, which can help enterprises realize the automatic and intelligent operation mode, greatly improve the production efficiency and save the labor cost.

Realize the functions of automatic glass loading / automatic transmission / automatic positioning / automatic optimization / automatic cutting and breaking.

Higher security, faster speed and more accurate. it has the characteristics of simple operation, higher optimization rate, better stability and more labor saving.

Advanced mechanical structure, imported control system and cutting optimization software greatly improve the glass cutting quality and cutting rate.

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Product advantages

1.The motor gear and rack are seamlessly connected to form a whole with high cutting precision:
2. Fast cutting speed, stable operation and low noise;
3. The operation interface is simple and easy to understand, with stable performance and complete functions;
4. It can cut flat glass, embossed glass, jade sand glass and other handicraft glass:
5. Greatly save manpower and provide safety guarantee for long-term operation of the enterprise.
Scope of application
It is suitable for cutting all kinds of glass, such as architectural glass, automobile glass, home appliance glass, photo-voltaic glass, mirror glass, electronic glass, process glass and so on.

Equipment model and specification

Model Max outline(mm) Thickness(mm) Upper flip Loading station Cycle working time Cutting speed (m/min) Precision(mm/m) Number of breaking rods  input voltage Dimension(L*W*H) (mm)
LDC-T2722 2700*2200 2-19 Single /double turn single/double/multi station 40 0-200 ≤±0.25 1+1 380V/50HZ 9600*2800*900
LDC-T4228 4200*2800 2-25 Single /double turn single/double/multi station 40 0-200 ≤±0.25 1+2 380V/50HZ 14200*3800*900
LDC-T5033 5000*3300 2-25 Single /double turn single/double/multi station 40 0-200 ≤±0.25 1+2 380V/50HZ 17500*4300*900
LDC-T6133 6100*3300 2-19 Single /double turn single/double/multi station 40 0-200 ≤±0.25 1+3 380V/50HZ 20000*4300*900

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