Horizontal High-speed Glass Rough Edging Machine

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This machine is a high-speed glass rough edging and film removal machine.
The traditional fine edge grinding machine which takes much longer time, so it will be difficult for factories to fulfill large orders for glass of doors and windows.
What’s more,sometimes there is no need for them to do fine edging.Only with rough edging will do to avoid scratching the operators in the process of installation, transportation and other operations.
So for glass windows and doors processing,it is not only safe and fast but also practical and high efficiency, which can save both space and money to invest.

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Products' Advantages

1.Leader horizontal high-speed glass edging machine uses the method of four-sided grinding. Equipped with rotating table,it is very convenient to move glass.
The main shaft,water tank and the main box are made of stainless steel, which can ensure that it will not rust.
2.The upper and lower grinding wheels in the box are GGS grinding wheels, which are neither resin wheels nor diamond wheels. For normal usage, our glass edge polishing machine can grind 500 square meters a day.
3.With the film removal wheel. The ordinary grinding wheel can grind 10,000-20,000 square meters while our grinding wheel can grind 40,000-50,000 meters. Our dovetail groove and backing wheel are the same as the bilateral grinding. When the dovetail groove is being edged, it will not vibrate the glass,so it is better for the next toughening and will not collapse.The universal wheel is waterproof, and the water below is circulating water.


Product advantages

1.The spindle and polisher box are made of the stainless steel.
2.The water could be recycled.
3.The polisher could be adjusted. Big size or small size glass is no problem in the machine

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