Top Quality Suction Cup Vacuum Glass Transfer Arm

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Model No: LDT400

The Leader vacuum glass transfer arm is made of new material. This glass lifting equipment need to be equipped with air compressor by the customer. After the air compressor is started to work, it is connected to the cylinder, and the suction and deflation are controlled through the operation panel to drive the suction cups to absorb and put down the glass. The cylinder itself can be raised or lowered, so the glass can be raised or lowered through the operation panel. The lifting tools on the beam can move back and forth, and the beam can also rotate left and right, so as to transport the glass to different places through the operation panel. The glass lifter can not only save manpower, but also ensure the safety of workers.

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Our vacuum glass transfer arm features better stability, much safer and more convenient to operate. All the pneumatic components are famous brands. It could be used in the laminated glass production line, insulating glass production line, mirror glass production line, glass cutting and edging production line and so on. Leader people fully realize that the machine’s durability, safety and easy operation are very important to the glass deep processing enterprises, so we have tested the machine countless times to make sure it is perfect.

Parameter & Configuration

Leader glass transfer arm  LD400

Operating radius


Product weight

About 1000KG

Outside dimension of control panel(L*W*H )


Minimum size of glass


Weight limit of sucker


Gas source


Cantilever crane angle


Detailed information

The arm is 5.0 meters long,upright column 300*300mm square pipe,air cylinder is 125*125*1300mm.

Elevating distance


Diameter of sucker


Quantity of suckers


Product functions

to move up and down

to rotate to one side or front by 90°

to grab or unload

Working principle

 Vacuum suck with air compressor

Loading pictures


Customer plant


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