Automatic Glass Chamfering Machine

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Model No: LDC-2500

LDC-2500 pneumatic double-head glass chamfering machine is an excellent equipment improved on the basis of single-head chamfering machine. According to CNC Programming, pneumatic device can be used to complete the rough grinding and polishing equipment, the size of the R angle can be from 5 to 50 mm replaceable angle grinding tools, used in the processing of furniture, home appliance glass, shower room, rock table, rock bathroom cabinet, etc. This is a very smart machine, no need very big space to install it. This machine also is not very expensive but it could achieve the same function as glass straight line double edging machine.

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Equipment details

1.The motor unit adopts domestic famous brand motors to ensure stable operation throughout the year. The layout is optimized and the chamfering is more labor-saving. it is very hard work if you still polish and chamfer glass by hand which is easy hurt and operate slowly.
2.Simple operation, rough grinding and polishing can be completed at one time. It could solve the keen-edged glass hurt the workers and let glass become rounded and beautiful easily.


3.Automatic oil pump, for the screw guide rail, often oiling to reduce damage and water separation.
4.With PLC control, it can control the number of rough grinding and polishing. The width of the equipment can be adjusted automatically.


5.The grinding wheel is independent, the grinding wheel is small and adjustable, and different angle grinding tools can be replaced. The rough grinding and polishing are integrated to reduce the replacement of grinding wheels.


Equipment model and specification

1 Model LDC-2500
2 Reverse R angle number R5-R50MM
3 Maximum processing width 2500mm
4 Minimum processing width 350mm*200mm
5 Glass processing thickness 3-19mm
6 Total power 5KW
7 Dimensions 4180*1000*1680mm
8 Total weight: 1500kgs

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