Straight Line Glass Edging Machine 90 Degree

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Model No: LDZM9235

Straight line glass edging machine is mainly suitable for the processing of furniture glass, architectural glass and art glass. It is one of the earliest and most used cold processing equipment in glass machinery deep processing equipment. It is mainly used for grinding and polishing the edge and chamfer of ordinary flat glass. Generally, there are manual, digital display control, PLC computer control and other configurations. Reasonable operation, daily cleaning, lubrication and maintenance can ensure the normal operation of the machinery, prolong the service life of the machinery and improve the processing output.

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1.Leader straight line glass edging machine is suitable for grinding different sizes and thickness flat glass to 90° angle.
2.This machine can integrate the process of coarse grinding, fine grinding, polishing, chamfering at one time. It adopts stepless speed regulation,which can be adjusted smoothly and steadily with big adjustable range. You can adjust the feeding speed and rate when grinding. You also can adjust the former rail to change the processing glass thickness.
3.the machine base is integrally cast, which is very strong and durable. The main drive adopts the method that back drive shaft assists the input terminal driving which increases driving force of glass transmission and decreased wearing of driving chains.
4.The main drive adopts 2.2kw dedicated grinding head motor for the bottom grinding head adopts and 1.5kw dedicated grinding head motor for the chamfering grinding head. All of these points make the
edging machine driving and grinding stably and powerfully and suitable for various flat glass processing

Parameter & Configuration

1 Thickness of processed glass(mm) 3-25
2 Number of grinding wheel(pcs) 9
3 Max straight line grinding(mm) 1-3
4 Feeding speed(m/min) 0.5-4
5 Max ground angles 90°
6 Size of processing glass(mm) Max:3000×3000mm     Min:100×100mm
7 Voltage/Power 380v50Hz20kw(can be customized)
8 gross weight(kg) About 3000
9 Outside dimension(mm) 6600L×1000W×2350H

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