Cnc Glass Cutting and Breaking Machine with Automatic Orientation

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Leader fully automatic glass cutting machine integrates loading and unloading glass,straight line cutting, special-shaped cutting, air-float,breaking glass free walking, automatic labeling and other functions.The glass cutting machine can be operated by remote control.One machine can be used as three machines: glass cutting machine ,glass loading machine,glass breaking machine.The machine greatly reduces the labor intensity and safety risk of the workers.

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Product advantages

1.360 °walking, four groups of driving wheel 360 °rotating, walk freely in the workshop.
2.Automatically loading the glass, automatically raise the big arm,search for the glass, detect the glass, and then automatically lift the glass and put it on the cutting table to finish loading the glass.
3.Automatic labeling, the automatic reading program can print out the glass size, quantity, customer information and order number and automatically affixed to the glass.
4.Intelligent cutting with equipment and computer linkage closed-loop,which can achieve the high-precision and high-speed cutting,has a series of newest features such as linear cutting, special-shaped cutting, foolproof operation, automatic laser locating pattern scanning,etc.
5.Automatic layout optimization, compatible with OPTIMA and homemade Guiyou optimization software automatic optimization system.
6.Auto-discovery, with far-infrared scanning automatic positioning system, to automatically search for the glass edge.
7.Air-float breaking, more than one hundred holes are evenly arranged on the cutting table to ensure the stability of the air flow.
8. The machine has the advantages of convenient operation, low investment and high benefits, and greatly reduces the overall cost of running the machine. It is the ideal equipment for small and medium-sized glass enterprises.

Equipment Model And Specification

Full automatic glass cutting machine LD-CNC3826

Maximum size


Table height


Cutting thickness


Linear parallelism


Diagonal precision

≤±0.30mm/m(the above precision subject to cutting line accuracy before breaking piece)

The cutting speed of bridge


Cutting bridge acceleration


Knife head speed


Knife head acceleration


The cutting head positioning error


Electric source




Air pressure


Product Description

LEADER automatic glass cutting line consists of three parts: loading table, cutting table and breaking table. it is mainly applied to the cutting and breaking of flat glass, which can help enterprises realize the automatic and intelligent operation mode, greatly improve the production efficiency and save the labor cost.
Realize the functions of automatic glass loading / automatic transmission / automatic positioning / automatic optimization / automatic cutting and breaking.
Higher security, higher speed and more accurate. it has the characteristics of simpler operation, higher optimization rate?, better stability and more labor saving.
Advanced mechanical structure, imported control system and cutting optimization software greatly improve the glass cutting quality and cutting rate.

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